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Empathy and Conciliation Agency
Connect within, Consider Others and have Successful Interactions.

We advocate for motivating more Empathy in the world, believing this will lead to more successful interactions, better human connections, and in consequence, happier individuals and thriving communities.

Everything we do in the Transformational field and the Organizational field, is inspired by the value of Empathy.

Given the positive effect that working on Empathy has in difficult negotiation processes, we offer specific coaching services to support the emotional challenges of conflict. We call it our Conciliation Coaching.

We also offer specific seminars and workshops about Empathy. Depending on our clients’ interest, we include modules to work deeply in the following areas:

Self-Leadership, Intergenerational Teams, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, Conciliation, Effective Communication, Productive Teams, and Vulnerability.

We believe that our world will evolve to a better future if we assume that productivity and economic success do not mean anything if human beings are not fulfilled. We strive to help organizations understand that they can be as profitable, or even more, adopting a culture where their people can connect more, love more and in consequence, live happier lives. This is what is currently recognized as the “conscious organization”.