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Ana Orozco
Social Entrepreneur, Professional Transformational Coach, Organizational Consultant, International Best-Selling Author and Public Speaker.

For more than two decades Ana Sofia has been helping companies worldwide improve results by educating and developing its people. She has participated in training and human development projects in global organizations such as Telefonica, Repsol, Avis, Endesa, BBVA, and many others in different countries.

She holds a degree in Comparative Literature and a degree in Business Administration. She is also an international MBA and earned an Advanced Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching and Organizational Behavior in 2012.

Ana Sofia’s purpose is to generate awareness of the importance of increasing people’s levels of consciousness in order to make this world a better place for the generations to come. Known as “A voice of Empathy”, she works in the promotion of the values of Empathy and Compassion, enabling healthier connections between people, and bringing fulfillment and Love in their lives.